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Wrapping Rails: A Work In Progress

This article collects my reading and thoughts over the last couple of weeks regarding my personally evolving approach to Rails development. The goal is a separation of concerns which are agnostic of the framework and data structure; a view-layer-agnostic API for the domain with no required knowledge of internals; and a method for unit testing each layer without the framework (for speed and simplicity).

The seeds of an ethos…

Before I dive into the myriad of topics and applications of The Websuasion Ethos, I should probably explain its origins. This post explains where many of our concepts first originated and why our belief system is the basis for everything we do.

New Twitter policy: blocking irrelevant data-points

I've taken to mass blocking Twitter followers I deem to be irrelevant. Here I explain why and what I see as the gains of such a policy.

Social Hiatus Explained

I’ve been away from blogging, social media and the like with respect to Websuasion for a while now. I feel a bit awkward coming back to it without explaining what caused the hiatus, what we’ve been doing since and where things are heading now. On Memorial Day of 2009, my long-time friend and business partner, [...]

iPad ShmiPad?

Is the iPad worth all the fuss? I think probably it is. It won’t be perfect out of the gate, but from my perspective, there is a need for a such a device… something to stand between SmartPhone and Power Computing. Especially if it can simultaneously provide two things particularly well with which those other [...]

Blogs killed the engagement star

From the perspective of relationship building, we can learn a lot from the community email lists and usenet groups of the early 90's. Blogs have undone a lot of what was great about that interaction. And now, micro-blogging has the potential to get back to some of that greatness... when you approach it with the right mindset.
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    I am principal of Websuasion LLC, based out of Fayetteville, GA. We Develop Web and Mobile Applications, Produce Video and provide tools and methodologies for Responsible Brand Marketing.

    This blog tends to focus on the technical and conceptional aspects of our work with Ruby on Rails, iOS, DSLR video, the business process and a little branding discussion at times. I welcome your relevant comments, and if you have questions, feel free to speak up. For info on rates and service packages for Websuasion, please visit our Service Packages page.

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