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Context and Schedule Buckets

When you plan with too much detail, you are constantly having to rearrange your schedule. Something unanticipated always materializes requiring your immediate attention, and it can turn your week into an ongoing process of rescheduling. So, until recently, I hardly ever used calendar software like iCal. I’d toss meetings and deadlines on it. I’d reference it every few days to roughly scope out my week, but that’s it.

Action Sequence and Daily Planning

Finding the right tools to manage your system is tough. Especially if you are a relentless long-term planner with a lot of wacky, grand ideas. For a couple of years I’ve used a simple, physical notecard system to collect all my actions. It seemed to work the best for me for a long time, but as projects increased in size and I got more into applying context to my day, the physical system became cumbersome and inefficient. I needed something digital, searchable, and clean.

Starting the conversation…

The internet, and particularly social media, is quite awesome at this relationship building. And it’s my job to show you just how amazing it can be, how you should approach it and why this is all so important. So that’s what I’ll hopefully be doing.

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