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Call me Ryan. Sure, it’s not as snappy as “Ishmael”, but a good enough start to this spot of the web. Before getting to any real morsels of content, I figured I should give myself an informal introduction and explain what this blog will be about.

I am a co-founder of Websuasion, LLC, an Atlanta & Chicago based web development and web marketing firm. Beyond the general day to day activities required to properly run a small business, my primary focus is as Director of Customer Engagement Strategies. That dips heavily into pretty much everything a business does from the online strategies we develop for each client, to the technologies used in their business online and off, to brand/reputation management, consistency of message, presence building, etc. Anything that ultimately connects businesses with their customers, well, it’s something I obsess over.

But, despite the myriad of technical things we do for clients, we view the web (and internet in general) as being about one thing… communication.

That’s an important point. It might seem obvious. But if it were, then most sites wouldn’t be sitting around on the web like outdated billboards would they? And they wouldn’t broadcast at an audience. They would instead have conversations with their customers.

And why is this important? Because, frankly, you should be using all means necessary to build real relationships with your customers, colleagues, partner businesses and peers.

The internet, and particularly social media, is quite powerful at this kind of relationship building. And it’s my job to show you just how amazing it can be, how you should approach it and how you can measure it to clearly understand your ROI. So that’s what I’ll hopefully be doing with the help of my business partner Norbert Taylor.

In the next week we will be launching Presence: The Websuasion Podcast, and our first episode will begin to discuss using social media to improve your business. We’ll also be posting some articles to our Websuasion blog, which I will excerpt here. But I also plan to share my miscellaneous thoughts on social marketing, web design, productivity and all kinds of fun stuff. So please add me to your RSS feed if you are into that kind of thing. Also, be sure to connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, MySpace, Delicious, Tumblr and all those networky type places.

In addition, I’ll be doing some seminars, speaking engagements, panel discussions, webinars and the like. I’ll post any events here. If you are part of a business association or meetup group and would like to chat about “the value of web presence” and “improving customer engagement” in the Greater Atlanta area, give me a shout (ryan.williams[at]websuasion[dot]com). It’s quite affordable (read: generally free)… it’s the conversation that ‘s important to us.

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  • J Ryan Williams

    I am principal of Websuasion LLC, based out of Fayetteville, GA. We Develop Web and Mobile Applications, Produce Video and provide tools and methodologies for Responsible Brand Marketing.

    This blog tends to focus on the technical and conceptional aspects of our work with Ruby on Rails, iOS, DSLR video, the business process and a little branding discussion at times. I welcome your relevant comments, and if you have questions, feel free to speak up. For info on rates and service packages for Websuasion, please visit our Service Packages page.

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